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"Black Belt Bob Is The Number One New & Used Car Salesman at Beaman Toyota...Nashville Tennnesse...Here's How He Will Save You Money... "

"I Guarantee To Beat Any Price...So Go Get Your Best Price...Make Me Your Last Stop...and I Will Beat it...

The Way of The Warrior...Honor...Integrity...Discipline...Loyalty...Respect...
Who Do You Want Fighting On Your Side...
Black Belt Karate age 16 , Black Belt TKD age 19, Brown Belt Aikido "


"I just got back from Iraq serving the US Army and needed a new car while stationed in Fort Campbell, KY. I went to a competitor Toyota Dealer first and did not like the way the salesman treated me and did not like the manager because he would not drop the price. Bob was very friendly, knowledgeable, made me laugh and gave me a good deal on my 2007 Toyota Camry. I liked Bob so much I brought my friend from Fort Campbell, KY who bought a 2006 Toyota Corolla S and she got a great deal. Also, Bob showed me how to defend myself from a knife attack as a bonus. I highly recommend Black Belt Bob because I trust him."

Adrianna Diggins
US Army Specialist

Aikido Master Steven Seagal

If you bought a new or used car from Black Belt Bob then send me your testimonial and I will put it right here in this box.

If your near the Beaman Toyota Showroom stop by and type your testimonial on my laptop and we will FTP it to this website instantly.

Also, I want your audio testimonial and photo to put up next to your testimonial...

Make sure you answer some basic questions like below, put your first and last name, and title for example...stay at home  mom....lawyer...president...banker...student...first time college buyer...bad credit...divorced...teacher...policeman...fireman...

business owner

Tell me why you trusted me enough to spend $5,000 up to $50,000 on your new or used car purchase...

What could you tell potential buyers to persuade them why they should buy a car from Black Belt Bob...

Was I a pushy salesman or did I give you the information you needed without the pressure....

Did you go on a test drive...Did you go to the service department...Did we discuss financing options...Did we discuss warranty...Did we discuss no money down...etc....

Some buyers may feel nervous when buying a new or used car and sometimes a Testimonial from a satisfied 3rd party may do just the trick...

Tell a future buyer Why They Should Buy a Car From Black Belt Bob

Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart To All You Buyers Who Trusted Me...

Send your testimonial to me


Robert Reuter, BS

Black Belt Karate age 16

Black Belt TKD age 19, I trained for 4 years while attending college with 2 time Korean Silver Medalist Coach in TKD, My college sparring partner won nationals then placed upper 1/4 in World Championships, I broke my foot and hand and short time with 2 Time Olympic TKD Silver Medalist

Brown Belt Aikido

PS - One thing you get when you buy a car from Black Belt Bob is a Friend for Life.  Not to mention a Free Martial Arts Private Lesson.  Just come to the Showroom and I will show you a Life Saving Move that Could Save Your Life...

Not all Salesman are alike...Honor...Integrity...

Discipline...The Way of The


Black Belt Bob

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I want to give you information you can use right this second and get immediate results because I believe there is no tomorrow only this very second by second that is passing by, so always be in the present moment or reality.

To your success,



Robert Reuter, B.S. "Black Belt Bob"

Black Belt Karate Age 16

Black Belt TKD Age 19

Brown Belt Aikido





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The Healthiest Food In The World Phi Plus 76 Ingredients Brain Food

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